"BreathResearch converts the air waves from your breathing into sound waves producing new respiratory analytics to improve sports and fitness and cardiopulmonary care."


Respiratory Health & Wellness. Through Technology.


Our mission at BreathResearch is to improve breathing and lung health through awareness, education, real-time feedback and coaching.

We have spent over 10 years of extensive research recording and examining a wide variety of breathing sounds and patterns.

Our Acoustic Analyzer Library (AAL) incorporates all of our technology and using sophisticated DSP and audio processing algorithms we detect and extract over 25 respiratory measurements and markers, that are used in our products for analyzing breathing-at-rest as well as for exercise/metabolic test scenarios.

We're currently collaborating with Mayo Clinic to develop predictive algorithms that can act as an early warning system for people with chronic lung conditions and their caregivers.

We’re building breath training programs to improve

Optimize and track your breathing to reduce stress and improve performance.


MyBreath App

Make breath awareness easy and fun.

Real health and fitness rewards.