Acoustic Analyzer Library (AAL)

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INtroducing our Acoustic Analyzer Library

At the core of our research and development is our Acoustic Analyzer Library (AAL). We have been constantly developing and enhancing the AAL for more than 6 years and it engulfs and incorporates the most important results of our research experience. The AAL is a mix of sophisticated DSP algorithms combined with high-layer metrics and descriptors that are customized according to the application.

The fine-tuning and design of our library and analyzer tools is constantly undergoing enhancements to offer the most accurate and robust analysis possible. Our database consists of over 25.000 sessions of breathing at rest and over 120 recorded exercise test sessions that were used to calibrate our exercise test branch and app for accurate ventilatory threshold extraction.

The AAL is at the core of our myBreath and exerciseTest products and is soon to be available a stand-alone library to be used in various 3rd party applications (customizations on-demand.  This powerful tool processes a large variety of breathing sounds in a sophisticated and robust way and through DSP it extracts a number of metrics, statistics and results.

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