MyBreath App

 The new MyBreath app is coming soon. 



Achieve your goals

MyBreath helps you to optimize and track your breathing to reduce stress and improve performance. You will get real time audio and visual feedback, a breathing index score and several helpful coaching tools. Use with a standard mobile headset.


Incredibly Personalized Assessments

MyBreath uses new breakthrough and cutting edge breath acoustic technology to give you feedback and training, that is vital for health, fitness and performance. Breath pattern analysis shows you all about your breathing and how to track your progress.


The Healthy Lungs Project

Together, our goal is to better understand the link between environment, lifestyle and genetics on lung health to accelerate research, education and prevention of lung disease.


Real time audio-visual feedback

Improves focus and makes breath awareness and training easy and fun


Breath pattern analysis and scores

Shows you all about your breathing and how to track your progress



Increases your knowledge and information about breathing


MyBreath App

Make breath awareness easy and fun.

Real health and fitness rewards.