We focus on audio analysis of breathing patterns, personalized breathing exercises and coaching to improve breathing for health, performance and care.

Recruiters posing as BreathResearch Officials

Please be advised that BreathResearch does not use any third party websites or services (such as Indeed.com) for employment.

If you get approached for someone posing as a recruiter hired by BreathResearch, please be warned and contact us.



Our mission is to improve the way we detect, measure and optimize breathing.

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MyBreath 2.0

Breathing Made Easy

MyBreath combines the science of breathing with the art of music and visualization to make breathing exercises enjoyable and amazingly effective in a very short amount of time. Try out MyBreath 2.0 today!


Asthma & COPD

Early Detection and Tracking

In a collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we are developing new respiratory acoustic diagnostics to provide more precise and personalized data for early detection and tracking of lung disease.