We focus on audio analysis of breathing patterns, personalized breathing exercises and coaching to improve breathing for health, performance and care.

CardioPulmonary Exercise Test Framework (CPET)

For more than four years, Breath Research has been developing a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) based on pure audio input only.

Our goal is the accurate detection of the ventilatory thresholds which are the basis for exercise intensity or heart rate training zones. We have performed extensive testing and fine-tuning and are closely collaborating with top universities and researchers in the field.

Our custom framework successfully detects ventilatory thresholds for a broad range of adult populations people during exercise tests of varying length.

  • Range from an age span of 18-65
  • Include all possible physical conditions (from professional athletes to people with very low physical condition)
  • Time spans of sessions analyzed range from 9 mins to 25 mins of exercise testing
  • Overall threshold (VT and RCT) detection rate was over 93% with very small detection deviation.

We are offering customized solutions according to the application at hand. Contact us for more details.


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