We focus on audio analysis of breathing patterns, personalized breathing exercises and coaching to improve breathing for health, performance and care.



See & listen our technology in action!

Tidal Breathing

Here we present the analysis of a tidal breathing session. You can listen to the audio and track the evolution of our metrics over time.

The first plot depicts the detected values for the respiratory rate and intensity over time. The intensity values are scaled to be on a par with the RR for visibility purposes.

The second plot shows apnea values, inhalation-to-exhalation ratios and extracted breath depth. All metrics are presented in percentage form.

The third diagram is a histogram for respiratory rate, depicting how many values of each rate were detected. This enables us to see what is the dominant tendencies for this session at a glance.

Similar plots for an extended set of metrics are extracted and combined for evaluation, scoring, anomaly detection and deviations and form the basis of our algorithms for early detection and tracking of lung disease.

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Wheeze separation & detection

Here is an audio and visual breakdown of a session with wheeze content recorded directly from an iPhone.

The original signal is analyzed and broken down into wheeze sounds and the air flow intensity of inhalations and exhalations.

Separating the components of respiratory recordings can provide greater detail and insight for early detection and tracking of lung disease. 

Visual representations of the wheeze components detected in the original recording

Custom noise suppression module

Here is a showcase featuring our custom, real-time adaptive ambient noise suppressor module, tuned specifically for signals with breath content to improve detection and tracking in noisy environments.

Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)

This is a demo of our CPET analysis framework applied on a full length audio recording of a cardio-pumonary exercise test with automatic pure-audio ventilatory threshold detection.

You can see a subset of our extracted metrics from respiratory acoustic recordings along with parallel rate and ventilatory data (VE, VEVO2, VEVCO2) coming from the Quark CPET cart.

BreathResearch extracted vs Quark CPET Respiratory Rate comparison & correlation graphs

Acoustic breath Intensity and Ventilatory equivalent correlation graphs

Parallel acoustic analysis and Quark CPET metrics with ventilatory thresholds (VEVO2 and VEVCO2).