BreathResearch History


In 2018, BreathResearch developed a new advanced neural network to classify lung pathology and filed 3 more patents.

In 2018, BreathResearch discovered 13 respiratory acoustic descriptors for Asthma and COPD and have created new machine learning algorithms to detect Asthma and COPD at the early, mid and late stage of disease.

In 2017, BreathResearch was selected to become part of the Solve community at MIT to help improve prevention, early detection and management of chronic respiratory disease worldwide.

In 2017, BreathResearch received 3 patents, released a new version of  the myBreath app, and began an IRB approved study at Mayo Clinic.

In 2016, BreathResearch focused on the parallel research & development of an acoustic equivalent for Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test. More information can be found under our CPET section.

In 2015, BreathResearch and Mayo Clinic Ventures collaborate to develop a respiratory monitor for chronic lung and heart disease.

In 2015, BreathResearch was selected to be part of the the StartUp Health Academy. 

In 2014, Researchers from the Mayo Clinic began evaluating the potential clinical impact of BreathResearch's technology for use with Heart Failure and COPD applications.

In 2013, BreathResearch designed a multi sensor wireless headset that integrates respiratory and cardiac measurements for athletic performance and health monitoring. It placed in the top 5 of the Philips and Bloomberg competition for the Next Innovation For Healthy Living. 

In 2013, BreathResearch worked with the University of Wisconsin Human Performance Lab in a second pilot study using acoustics as a surrogate for respiratory gas exchange during exercise. The results were presented at the American College of Sports Medicine.  

In 2012, BreathResearch began working with the University of Wisconsin Human Performance Lab to validate acoustic algorithms as a surrogate for respiratory gas exchange during exercise. The results were presented at the European College of Sports Science.

In 2012, The MyBreath app was chosen by Aetna to be part of the CarePass platform which was designed to integrate data from multiple mobile applications. The Aetna CarePass platform is currently being redesigned and the MyBreath app is being updated to iOS8.

In 2011, BreathResearch began developing acoustic algorithms for respiratory gas exchange during exercise.

In 2010, BreathResearch created the MyBreath app which uses an iPhone to record and analyze breathing. The app analyzes respiratory rate, depth, wheezing, variability and apnea.

In 2008, BreathResearch was incorporated and began developing a web based acoustic analysis platform to identify different kinds of breathing patterns.