We focus on audio analysis of breathing patterns, personalized breathing exercises and coaching to improve breathing for health, performance and care.

MyBreath 2.0


Relax, improve focus and feel refreshed within seconds. Discover over 20 breathing exercises to reduce stress, enhance relaxation & mindfulness and improve performance.


Simple & Effective.

MyBreath combines the science of breathing with the art of music and visualization to help you find balance in just 3-4 minutes.




  1. Relax, improve focus and feel refreshed in seconds
  2. Boost your performance
  3. Effectively manage stress
  4. Improve the quality of your sleep
  5. Actively manage pain
  6. Elevate your mood.


In addition, you can measure and track your breathing just by using your device’s built in microphone. MyBreath currently has three breathing assessments, two of which are really fun breathing games. Start enjoying the benefits today!



  • Guided breath meditations & exercises
  • Fun breath games and assessments
  • Daily series of breath exercises for different goals
  • Single exercises for specific needs
  • Anatomy of breathing visualizations