About Us

Founded in 2008, Breath Research has been on the frontline of research in respiratory acoustics, stretching the boundaries of how much we can learn about our breathing just from an audio sample. Every person has a unique breath sound based on anatomy, which can change in rate, intensity and frequency from breath to breath but behind that lies a universe of details that can tell us so much!

Our passionate team of engineers, musicians, scientists and yoga/mediation experts have developed state-of-the-art algorithms that can capture and analyze breathing patterns, taking into account personalized unique breath signatures as they change over time. 

We convert the airwaves from your breathing into sound waves, which allows us to apply new respiratory analytics that helps decrease stress, increase feelings of well-being, enhance athletic performance and promote sound sleep. We can provide near instantaneous audio and visual feedback, which sets in motion wellness benefits that have never before been possible. And we can provide and track useful data about your breathing to help you improve your goals, through personalized training.

Our research partners include the Mayo Clinic and the University of Wisconsin. The American Sports Medicine Journal published one of our papers on innovations in applying respiratory acoustics to exercise physiology. 

We hold three patents for acoustic respiratory biofeedback and dynamic respiratory classification and tracking.